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Our Services

Dry Cleaning

Our highly experienced cleaners treat each garment with the greatest care. We dry clean all types of garments. If you have any questions then please contact us with your concerns.

Laundered Shirts

Fancy Pants Cleaners will launder your shirts according to your individual preferences. Our garment preferences page will allow you to choose everything from the degree of starch we use on your shirts to the type of packaging your garments are returned in.

Wash and Fold

We wash each order separately according to your exact specifications. We don’t wash multiple customers' garments together. If you have a specific detergent or fabric softener you would like used then you can include it with your laundry bag.

Tailoring and Mending

Fancy Pants Cleaners also offers tailoring services. Our tailors can handle any job which does not require a fitting. By checking the appropriate boxes on the Garment Preference page of our website, you can choose to have basic repairs done automatically or to be contacted if something needs attention.

Other Services

We offer other cleaning and repair services to such items as leather goods, rugs and religious garments. If you have any special needs or items that you want cleaned please contact us at (646) 415-7667 or at

Complete Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our customer’s satisfaction is our most important priority. Fancy Pants Cleaners allows you to set your preferences so you have complete control over how your garments are returned to you. We are available online and by phone. Now you truly will be Mr. Fancy Pants.